The Magickal Mystery Road Trip to the Temple of Intuition

On January 19th, 2014 I will be sharing some insights I have come across in my life’s travels with some students of the esoteric in Los Angeles.  This means that to get there I will have to go on a journey – a road trip. I will have to venture out into the Wide World from my hideout in the Wizard Lair deep in the heart of the Pacific Rain Forest.  I asked one of my students to come along, and he assented.  So the two of us will be traveling through the wilds of the American Pacific Northwest, making our way slowly down to the American Pacific Southwest.

I’ve made the trip many times up and down I-5.  I did it non-stop once in about eighteen hours.  That time I left L.A. at midnight and made it on time to teach my class in Seattle at six p.m.

This time I want to take my time to experience the magick of these forests and the ocean.  I plan to travel down through Oregon and Northern California on Highway 101 or 1.  Maybe a combination of the two.  This will take us down through Eugene and through the Emerald Triangle of California to San Francisco.  I’ve done the Pacific Coast Highway thing from San Francisco to L.A. before.

We will be traveling in the “Chariot.”  The chariot is a long-bed 4X4 pickup with a canopy on the back.  The inside of the canopy has two padded and carpeted benches with a table between them.  This can be converted into a spacious queen-sized bed.  There’s plenty of storage space inside the benches and on the floor space.


I have christened the chariot “מִרְכֶּבֶת” which means chariot in Hebrew.  This name is an apt one I think for reasons which should soon become apparent.  I will be painting the word in Hebrew on the back door, essentially anointing it with a protective sigil.  I also plan to install some red drapes with tassels on the windows for privacy.

Wiser men than me have stressed that “It’s the journey that is important, not the destination.”  In this case, the destination is important, but I want to make the journey important too.  It’s a classic road trip in the old literary sense.  A journey of exploration and adventure.  A quest for meaning and a spiritual walkabout.

I’m hoping we can open ourselves up to be so close to Spirit that we will feel its presence everywhere we go.

Along the way we will try to meet up with some fellow Wizards, and make their acquaintance if we haven’t already done so.  For those we have known before it will be a time to touch base and catch up.

I wish I had a neon sign in the back window.  You know – that one with the open palm.  Along the way we will be available for readings.  We will offer crystal ball and card readings.  Who knows what else.

I plan to blog the progress of this road trip daily, if not more often.  So stay tuned here.  This is one of the posters for the class: